Its hard to keep tradition going when you have to spend hours in the kitchen. We do that for you. Delicious homemade pastries such as Potica, Walnut Crescents, Rainbow Cookies, Date Nut Balls, Pecan Tassies, Baklava, Rugalah and Pizzelles to name a few. Many from my own mixture of an Italian Heritage and Slovenian/Austrian background. We also do handmade Chocolate Covered Cherries, Filled Chocolates ie. Caramel, Fudge, Peanut Butter and Mint Centers. Gift Baskets filled with fresh fruits, Fresh Fruit Breads, Pastries and Handmade Chocolates are just another one of our services. These are not available at this time.


Catered Breakfast

A delicious addition to any coffee meeting. Fresh donuts with light and scrumptious french vanilla custard. Topped off with just the right amount of rich chocolate icing. Just one of many suggested pastries offered for catered breakfast. These are not available at this time.

Gluten Free

Offering a few gluten free items. These items were tested and succeeded in taste and appearance. We offer banana bread, loaded with banana, raisins, mini chocolate chips and pecans. Topped with a brown sugar, nut mix, this hits the spot! We can also make this sugar free if needed. We also have a white chocolate/raspberry muffin. We are willing to try and meet any dietary needs. You can contact us through this website. These are not available at this time.